Sunday, June 3, 2007

Grayson Highlands - Day 3

Time to check out the trails and scenery. We started just before noon heading for the Rhododendron Trail. It was sort of like Forest Gump who started running, and just kept running. We hit the Appalachian Trail heading for Mount Rogers and just kept going.

Starting at close to 4,000 feet, we had reached 5,200 by the time we reached Wilburn Ridge...
and then Rhododendron Gap.

Three hours into the hike and we were on Thomas Knob looking at Mount Rogers and a beautiful 360 degree view from Whitetop to Pine Mountains.

It was mid-afternoon, weather threatening, and limited supplies for any idea of making it another two hours to the top of Mount Rogers. So, we started back.

Before long, we were greeted by another herd of friendly ponies,
proudly introducing us to their new additions.
In fact, it appeared they really wanted us to stay...

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