Saturday, June 9, 2007

Grayson Highlands - Day 4

Having spent most of the previous day hiking, we decided to use today to go down from the mountain and restock. Get some groceries, in other words. We had a choice. Marion was 45 minutes, Damascus, along the Winding Road, 40 minutes to an hour, and Independence, 45 minutes. Or we could cut over into NC and visit West Jefferson, also 45 minutes away. Since Robin's family is from the area, Rugby, to be exact, she had been there before. This would be my first trip to West Jefferson. As with any trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it was time well spent. We picked up what we needed for the next 4 days, and headed into town to look around. Having not been on a computer for four days, we stopped by the library for a few minutes, then the Post Office to mail a flute I confirmed had just sold on eBay. Time for lunch, and we had just seen the perfect spot on the way into West Jefferson. The place, Smokie Mountain Barbecue, is a must stop for any visit, or trip into Western NC. After a great lunch, we started back to Grayson Highlands.
West Jefferson is a wonderful stop, similar in many ways to another quaint Western NC town, Black Mountain, located further south near Asheville.

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